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Quick Reference Guide to Leather Colors in the Dover Saddlery Product Line

As you shop for brown leather tack, you’ll see a variety of color names for the leather selections from various manufacturers. Here is a brief description of the colors that you’ll see in the Dover Saddlery product line. Please note that the way the color swatches appear on your computer screen may not be an exact color match for the actual leather, and in fact manufacturers’ dye lots will differ. Also, one manufacturer’s oakbark or tobacco may vary substantially from another’s.

Tip: All leather colors will change to some degree over time with use, exposure and conditioning. For more information on matching brown leather pieces, refer to the Guide to Matching Brown Leather.

Colors Shown in Alphabetical Order

Color Name Sample Description
Brown Resembles a chocolate brownie, and has no orange, red or purple undertone.
Chestnut A brown color that borders between light and medium color depth and has strong orangey-red undertones. Very similar to the color of a chestnut horse in the sun.
Chocolate Neither very dark nor very light, this is a rich brown color similar to that of a premium chocolate bar. It is very similar in appearance to Medium Brown.
Cognac Aptly named for its resemblance to cognac liquor, this is a medium brown color with subtle auburn undertones.
Dark Brown Resembles the color of a moist, dark chocolate brownie, and has a subtle purple undertone. Not as dark as Ebony, but very dark.
Ebony An extremely dark brown.
Havana A deep brown that does not have any red, orange or purple undertones. Resembles the color of a dark chocolate bar.
Hazelnut A light brown color with orange undertones as can be seen on the shell of a hazelnut.
Medium Brown Neither very deep nor very light, this is a rich brown color similar to that of a premium milk chocolate bar. This color is very similar to Chocolate.
Newmarket The lightest of brown leather colors, this is a light brown with yellow, orange or red undertones.
Oakbark A soft, medium brown color with dark yellow or red undertones; it closely resembles the bark of an oak tree.
Tobacco A light brown with an orange hue. It takes its name from the color of dried tobacco leaves.
Walnut A dark brown with no undertones of orange, red or purple. (Darker than a walnut shell)

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