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Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you there has been a recall on the 6 lb. German Horse Muffins, manufactured November 29, 2018, lot # 8333, due to a quality control problem. The lot number can be found at the bottom of the bag on a small white sticker. The company believes this is an isolated incident but we want to make you aware as an additional precaution.

Also, Banixx has issued a recall on their Wound Care 16oz, product # 0220012 and Banixx Shampoo 16oz, product number # 0220464, lot numbers 16165 or 16166. The lot number is located on the back of the bottle by the bar code and appears sideways along the bar code with the expiration date. Banixx states this is an isolated incident of quality control and is not based on the effectiveness of the solution nor the safety of the product.

Please contact us at or email with questions.