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Athletic & Flattering Riding Wear Inspired by Other Sports
Using innovative textile technologies—and the best ideas from other sports—Kerrits® creates flattering, athletically inspired equestrian wear to meet unique demands of riders across disciplines. You’ll enjoy a feminine, streamlined fit perfect for riding, all-day comfort and fashionable styling in many choices of fabrics and levels of grip.

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The Kerrits Story

Founded in 1986 with the goal of pleasing active women across riding disciplines, Kerrits has built its reputation for flattering, comfortable performance apparel on its creative use of modern athletic fabric technologies. The company is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, an area filled with inspiration by other sportswear brand headquarters nearby and plenty of likeminded outdoors enthusiasts. The always changeable weather there serves as great design inspiration and an excellent testing laboratory for Kerrits riding apparel. Consequently, the range of technical fabrics is always evolving to help keep riders cool in warm weather, warm in cold weather and protected in all sorts of weather conditions.

Innovative Fabrics to Meet Every Condition

The range of Kerrits fabrics offers riders all sorts of options in performance, durability, coverage and comfort for each season of the year. The fabrics come in the brand’s signature patterns and rich color schemes, with coordinating seasonal pieces making fashionable style easy for the active rider to achieve. Fabrics such as CoolTek™, IceFil®, Dynamic Extreme™ and Durabreathe™ plus mesh and cotton can all be found within the Kerrits clothing line

Varying Levels of Grip to Please Every Rider

A range of innovative grip technologies embellishes Kerrits breeches and tights. Cross Grip™, Eco Suede™, GripTek™ and Kerrits Sticks™ are just a few. Formed into knee patches, full seats or panel-like designs, these grip technologies offer the rider varying levels of flexible hold.