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Dover Saddlery® Drop Noseband

Colors/Options: Black Brown

Dover Saddlery® Drop Noseband

The Dover Saddlery® Drop Noseband with plain raised styling works with any bridle with a traditional crown.

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Item #: X1-0807
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The Dover Saddlery® Drop Noseband has traditional style and functionality that stands the test of time. Made of hand-selected leather, this drop noseband has extra-fine stitching and stainless steel hardware. Fits any bridle with a traditional crown.


The drop noseband is a traditional design used to prevent a horse from evading the bit. Much like the flash noseband with which today's riders are most familiar, the drop noseband can help prevent a horse from oral evasions, such as avoiding bit pressure or getting the tongue over the bit. A properly adjusted drop noseband will place the part that goes over the horse's nose on top of the nasal bone, which is usually about four finger's width above the horse's nostrils. The chin strap stretches downward and in front of the bit, without interfering with the bit, and is buckled under the jaw. Special attention should be taken to ensure that this noseband does not compress the horse's nostrils and adversely affect his breathing. Dover Saddlery offers drop nosebands by Walshâ„¢ and Crown.