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Passier® Soft Touch Stirrup Leathers

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Colors/Options: Black Havana

Passier® Soft Touch Stirrup Leathers

Exceptionally soft and supple, Passier® Soft Touch Stirrup Leathers resist stretching for top performance. Luxurious European “Soft Touch” cowhide leather over a nylon core assures long wear. Curved buckles wrap closely to the stirrup bars for a bulk-free feel. Closely positioned holes allow for the perfect length adjustment.

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How to Choose Your Stirrup Leathers
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Passier® Soft Touch Stirrup Leathers are made from top quality European “Soft Touch” cowhide leather with a nylon core to prevent stretching and provide durability. Extremely soft and supple, these dressage leathers feature 25 closely positioned holes that allow for finite length adjustment. Passier’s signature curved stainless steel buckles adapt perfectly to the saddle to lay flat under the rider’s leg for a close contact feel. 1" wide.


How to Choose Your Stirrup Leathers
For a leather saddle, get stirrup leathers made of leather; for a synthetic saddle, get "leathers" in manmade materials. Mixing leather with synthetic leather can cause abrasions on your saddle's flaps. Choose a color that coordinates with the color of your saddle; an exact match of brown leather is not necessary.

Types of Stirrup Leathers
  • Traditional all-leather stirrup leathers are durable. You can add holes easily or have them shortened by a saddler if needed. The drawback of this type is that they may stretch slightly with use and can do so a asymmetrically depending on your riding habits.
  • Lined stirrup leathers resist uneven stretching. Synthetic webbing is wrapped in a thin layer of supple leather. Drawbacks of this type are that holes cannot be punched, the length cannot be cut and the soft leather may not be as durable as that in traditional leathers.
  • Synthetic stirrup leathers look just like traditional leathers and resist stretching.
  • Webbers, available in both synthetic materials and leather, have a buckle-free design that reduces bulk under your legs.

Stirrup Leather Lengths: General Guideline
  • 48" child/petite adult rider for jumping/general riding
  • 52" petite adult rider for jumping/general riding
  • 54" average adult rider for jumping/general riding
  • 56" tall adult rider for jumping/youth and short adult rider for dressage
  • 59-60" average adult rider for dressage
  • 62", 64", 67" tall adult rider for dressage

Additional Attributes to Consider
  • Hole spacing: leathers are available with holes spaced at one-inch and half-inch intervals. Some riders strongly prefer the more precise length adjustment provided by the half-inch inch (also known as half-hole) leathers.
  • Width: Leathers generally are available in three widths: 1 inch, 7/8 inch and 3/4 inch. Many riders looking to reduce bulk under the leg choose the narrower widths, which are also especially helpful for children and small riders.
  • Buckles: They may be curved or flat. Some riders prefer the traditional flat buckle, while others find that the slightly curved buckles tuck into the stirrup bar area more smoothly to reduce bulk under their thighs.