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How to Measure for Half Chaps

Regardless of the brand you wish to buy, to determine the size half chaps to order:

1. Put on the type of breech, riding tight or jean you plan to wear with your half chaps.
2. Sit in a chair in your stocking feet with your knee bent at a 90° angle and your feet flat on the floor.
3. Have a helper measure your calf at its widest point using a cloth tape measure.
4. Measure your lower leg height from the floor to the tendon at the back of your knee.
Match your calf and height measurements to the size chart provided for your desired half chaps.

Important Notes:
• You must measure your calf width over the type of pant you will ride in. A thicker or a thinner pant will change the way the half chap fits your calf.
• Try your half chaps on with the paddock boots you will ride in to ensure the chaps fit over them and are tall enough to accommodate the boots.
• When fitting your half chaps for the first time, they should feel very snug. Any elastic panel must be engaged so the leather or suede is encouraged to mold to the shape of your leg. The fit will ease over the first few days of use as the leather molds to your leg shape.
• If your half chaps are too loose at the start, they will become baggy and loose with wear.