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Horse Grooming

Grooming to keep your horse’s skin healthy and hair shiny is easy and efficient when the right tools are handy. Get all the essentials, from hoof picks to curries and brushes here, and round out your favorite grooming tote with detangler and hoof care.

Horse grooming products include brushes, combs, hoof picks, sponges and more, and are used to remove dirt, sweat and loose hair from a horse’s coat. Grooming is a great way to spend time with your horse while keeping his coat in great condition. Our selection of horse grooming supplies will ensure you have everything you'll need, from brushes and hoof picks to sponges and horse vacuums. Our large selection of horse grooming supplies includes products from top names like Oster®, Roma®, Winner's Circle™ and more. Pick out a grooming box and load it up with all the essentials today!