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$119.99 B Vertigo Kimberly Breeches $119.99 B Vertigo Kimberly Breeches

Dover Saddlery® EZ-On Garter Straps

Colors/Options: Black Brown

Dover Saddlery® EZ-On Garter Straps

Eliminate hassle on show day! Dover Saddlery® EZ-On Garter Straps allow for easy on/off with simple to use VELCRO® brand closures that are concealed by leather for a classic look. EZ-On Garters adjust 1/2" up or down for a snug fit.

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Item #: X1-3763
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How to Clean
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Dover Saddlery® EZ-On Garter Straps take the struggle and hassle out of wearing garter straps. An easy-to-use VELCRO® brand closure is covered in leather for a traditional, show-ring look. The size adjusts 1/2" up or down to assure a snug fit that stays put during riding.

XS(9 1/2"), M(10 1/2"), L(11 1/2").
Tips for Washing Your Breeches

Make your breeches last by following manufacturer's washing instructions closely. Prior to washing, close any zippers and hook-and-loop ankle fasteners. Turn breeches inside out to protect metal logo plaques, knee patches and full seats from abrasions.

Breeches with faux-suede or faux-leather seats, knee patches or trim may be washed with a gentle laundry detergent unless manufacturer's recommendations say otherwise. Breeches with deerskin or other genuine leather trim must be washed with a product formulated to protect and clean leather.

Hang all breeches to dry naturally even when instructions allow machine drying.