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What You Need to Know about Crash Helmets & Replacement Policies

If you fall from your horse and your helmet hits the ground, it should be replaced even if it looks intact. The materials designed to absorb the shocks of impact have done their job, and for your future protection, you need a new helmet.

Helmet manufactures understand and are sympathetic to the financial concerns that may make you hesitant to replace a helmet that appears to be okay. With their expertise, they also know you should never ride again in a helmet that sustained a crash. For this reason, they all have helpful crash replacement policies to allow you to get a replacement helmet at a fraction of the cost in the event of a fall in which your helmet is impacted.

Generally, you will need to send a manufacturer your original sales receipt or paid invoice, an accident report form or letter explaining the incident, as well as the crashed helmet. Make sure, however, you follow the specific instructions for each manufacturer. The amount of your discount will depend on the age of your helmet before the crash. Always register any new helmet according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and retain your sales receipt.

We have outlined helmet manufacturers’ information regarding recommended replacement based on age (regardless of crash), each crash helmet policy and where to start if you find yourself on the ground and needing a helmet replacement.

VENDOR : Crash Helmet Replacement Policy: Discount for replacement: Process to receive replacement: Customer Service Contact Info: Where and what to ship with crashed helmet: OTHER NOTES:
Antares Return to Dover No official policy but will work with customer/Dover to satisfy a replacement Contact Estelle with details Estelle Garbagnati

Phone Number: N/A

NA - photo of damaged helmet with cut chin straps emailed N/A
GPA Return to Dover Dealers will be charged 50% of the current cost of the helmet. Customer price will be plus $25 to cover shipping costs. Only helmets purchased in the last 12 months apply. A copy of the sales receipt must be sent as proof of date purchased. A letter from the customer detailing the circumstances and receipt of purchase must be faxed or emailed to obtain an RA number to return old helmet and order new helmet. Both the letter and receipt of purchase and RA number needs to be returned with helmet Phone Number: 705-721-7277

Receipt & Letter detailing accident GPA 206 Saunders Road Unit #1 Barrie, Ontario L4N9A2 N/A
JPC Return to Dover 30% discount for a replacement helmet purchased with in 2 years of initial purchase Copy of sales receipt and letter detailing accident sent to Dover Amanda Ashman

Phone Number: 1-866-273-3243 X405

JPC 100 Hillside Drive Drums, PA 18222 USA N/A
Samshield Return to Dover 15% off retail replacement helmet discount up to 4 years since initial purchase - custom helmet options additional cost Contact Samshield with photo of cut chin strap and report of incident NA - only need photo of cut chin straps and incident report N/A
Uvex Return to Dover In case of a fall, uvex will contribute a percentage towards your new uvex helmet, based on years of ownership. All amounts are calculated from uvex's list price.
• Within the first year: 50% towards a new uvex helmet
• After 2 years: 40% towards a new uvex helmet
• After 3 years: 20% towards a new uvex helmet
Contact UVEX description of incident & await further instruction  Danielle Corrow or Vivian Schmidt

Phone Number: 518-793-3593

Email: or
 We may not require the actual helmet back.  If so, you will ship to uvex/Habers, attn:  Danielle, 43 Everts Ave, Queensbury NY 12804.  In many cases, however, a picture of the helmet with the chin strap cut is sufficient. N/A
Charles Owen CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY Therefore, as of September 1, 2021, Charles Owen will be processing the helmet accident replacements for riders directly through our website, for any Charles Owen helmet purchased within three (3) years of the accident. Please find below the new discount structure:
50% off wholesale during the 1st year of ownership
35% off wholesale during the 2nd year of ownership
20% off wholesale during the 3rd year of ownership
The owner of the accident helmet will need to complete and electronically submit the “Accident Form” to Charles Owen to receive a discounted replacement helmet. This form can be found on the Charles Owen website at N/A As part of the process, all accident helmets must be returned to Charles Owen, Inc., at the address below for research and investigation, along with a printed copy of the accident report form.
Charles Owen, Inc.
Attn: Return Dept.
1735 Old Petersburg Road
Lincolnton, GA 30817
ERS/Ovation/One K CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY See attached links for costs/shipping Accident Replacement Policy | One-K Helmets ( To receive a replacement helmet follow instructions below:
1. Fill out the Return Authorization form and return with your helmet. forms found at or
2. Return the damaged helmet freight prepaid
3. Return a copy of your dated sales receipt
4. Include a signed and dated letter describring the accident in detail
5.Provide your contact name, address, email and phone number Someone must be available at the address to sign for helmet
6.A check or money order made out to English Riding Supply or credit card information for payment as indicated above.
One K - Accident Replacement Policy | One-K Helmets ( RA form, copy of sales receipt, letter describing incident, name/address for replacement & payment
C/O Accident Replacement
520 Kane Street
Scranton, PA
IRH CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY The following information pertains to IRH helmets purchased in the United States. If your IRH helmet is ever in an accident within the replacement period, return it to IRH freight prepaid for a replacement. IRH will replace helmets involved in an accident for up to three years after purchase at a discounted price. 1) Call or email customer service and they will give you a Return Authorization number
2) Return the damaged helmet to IRH with the R/A number clearly marked on the outside of the carton
BrieAnne Osterlund

Phone Number: 732-290-3000

Include the following with your damaged helmet: 1) A copy of the sales receipt dated within 3 years of the accident 2) A signed and dated letter describing the accident in as much detail as possible. 3) Your contact name, physical address email, and telephone number.4) A check made payable to IRH, or a credit card number with expiration date and S.C. IRH 15 Timber Lane Marlboro, NJ 07746 N/A
KASK CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY Kask offers 40% discount toward purchase of replacement helmet up to 12 months from the purchase date. After the first year, the discount is 20%. Crash replacement only covers upto the first 24 months post purchase date. The rider must return the helmet and and Crash Replacement form. RA Form filled out and send in to Kask with Helmet Timothy Barret

Phone Number: 704-960-4851

Send completed form and helmet to
Kask America
3029 Horseshoe Lane, Unit A
Charlotte, NC 28208 via Fedex/UPS or
to Kask America RA#
301 Summit Ave
Charlotte, NC 28203 via USPS
Tipperary CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY Tipperary will replace a helmet that has been damaged in an accident up to two years from the date of purchase for 50% of the price plus $5 shipping and handling. Helmets that have been damaged through misuse or dropping do not qualify. To process your replacement, you will require a Return Authorization Number which you can arrange by contacting customer care. Helmets received without this number will not be eligible for replacement. N/A Phone Number: 888-313-8842 or 905-738-9944

Email: or
Complete product registration form, receipt and incident report ready to contact Tipperary Customer Service to request RA and return address and replacement order IMPORTANT: Helmets involved in an accident should not be worn again. Please cut off the harness to ensure no one uses it again and properly dispose of it. In order to qualify, you must have completed a Product Registration form either online or by mail, or have the original or a copy of the purchase receipt with the date of purchase.
Tolkat/Champion CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY  Toklat will provide a replacement discount to the consumer if the helmet is impacted within 1-3 years from date of purchase. Original proof of purchase required. 50% 1st year, 40% 2nd year, 20% 3rd year  Contact Toklat for Accident Form  Chelsey Earls-Johnson

Phone Number: 888-286-5528

 Ship damaged helmet & accident form to:  TOKLAT 115 Foothills Road Lake Oswego, OR 97034  Toklat will work directly with the consumer to replace the helmet.
Troxel® CONTACT VENDOR DIRECTLY  Helmets involved in an accident may be replaced for a fee within two years from the helmet date of purchase. The online "Product Registration Form" must have been completed and/or the original or a copy of the purchase receipt must be retained in order to show proof of purchase date is within two years. Damage to the helmet due to misuse or dropping the helmet is not covered by the Accident Replacement Program. 35% discount on replacements Replacing damaged helmets is easy. Simply call (800) 288-4280. Be prepared to supply the following:
• Damaged helmet
• Original or copy of receipt (okay to omit if having previously registered online)
• Signed and dated letter describing the accident
• Check or Money Order if Credit Card information is not supplied
We cannot ship to a PO Box. You must supply a physical address."
Phone Number: 800-288-4280

Copy of receipt, letter describing incident, payment info Troxel Accident Replacement
Troxel, LLC
7540 CR 201
PO Box 68
Mount Hope, OH 44660