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Administered once daily at mealtime, Zylkene® Equine helps address situational stress or stress-related behavior in horses and ponies. Zylkene is the only calmer with natural  alpha-casozepine, a milk protein with calming properties. It relaxes without causing drowsiness or instilling tranquilizing effects.

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Item #: X1-220391
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Zylkene® Equine by Vetoquinol helps address situational stress or stress-related behavior in horses and ponies in a unique way. Designed to be administered once daily at mealtime, Zylkene Equine is the only horse calming supplement containing the novel and natural ingredient alpha-casozepine. This is a milk protein with calming properties.

Researchers suspected that a substance in mother’s milk might be responsible for the state of relaxation that newborns enjoy after nursing. This inspired the discovery of alpha-casozepine. Its proven calming qualities promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness in horses without drowsiness or tranquilizing effects.  

Zylkene is backed by research in behavior management with two published studies. It’s practical, as this one product works for many situations that can cause stress in horses and ponies, on or off the farm, short- and long-term, eliminating the need to buy multiple products for different situations.

Situations in which Zylkene may be helpful include:

  • trailer loading and travel
  • veterinary/farrier visits
  • stall rest
  • change in environments/living locations
  • herd changes and weaning
  • new training regimes

Horses communicate stress externally through:

  • stall walking or pacing
  • pawing, kicking and head bobbing
  • aggression
  • teeth grinding
  • refusal to eat or work
  • and other adverse behaviors

Stress can also trigger internal changes that negatively impact your horse’s health and wellbeing. These changes can include:

  • elevated heart rate
  • suppressed immune system
  • increased respiratory rate
  • metabolic variations
  • gastrointestinal imbalance
  • increased cortisol levels

An apple-flavored powder, Zylkene is also easy to give; your veterinarian will recommend the amount appropriate for your horse.