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Waldhausen Secutrust Breastplate with Safety Reins

Waldhausen Secutrust Breastplate with Safety Reins

Item #: X1-09370
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The Waldhausen Secutrust Breastplate with Safety Reins offers versatility of use for riders of all levels from beginner to trainer.

With a beginning rider on a lunge line, this unique breastplate can be used for practice holding the reins, thus facilitating the transition to riding independently off the lunge.

Once the beginner rider is off the lunge, the Secutrust Breastplate can provide a sense of additional security as the rider learns to negotiate the ring.

It can also be helpful with young horses or those difficult to control. For horses that tend to make sudden, abrupt movements, it can offer a source of support to the rider.

When needed, the safety reins provide a rider with something to hold on to. The combination of the safety reins and the Secutrust Breastplate allows a rider to act on a horse’s chest through the breastplate, and thus it helps to re-establish control over the horse.


The Auxillery (red) rein measurements from end to end: Pony (51" long), Cob/Full(65" long).