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COMTEK® PR-216 Personal Wireless Receiver


COMTEK® PR-216 Personal Wireless Receiver

Item #: X1-270159
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The COMTEK® PR-216 Personal Wireless Receiver enables you to work with a trainer that is using the COMTEK ALS-216 Personal Trainer Wireless Communication System. While wearing this device securely clipped to your belt, waistband or boot, you will be able to clearly hear instruction during a riding lesson involving one or more students, each wearing their own personal receiver. Note: Ear pieces are sold separately.

The complete COMTEK® ALS-216 is a one-way wireless communication system that allows a trainer to deliver riding instruction with crystal clear sound clarity to one or more students on horseback up to 300 feet away. It offers the perfect solution to overcoming listening challenges due to long distances between rider and trainer. Its rugged construction ensures long-lasting durability in the most demanding environments and weather conditions.

Easy to operate, the trainer speaks into a lapel microphone and wears a personal transmitter comfortably clipped to a belt or waistband, while each rider wears a personal receiver and ear piece. Originally developed for use in the movie industry, this system is used by top trainers worldwide.