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WintecLite All-Purpose D'Lux Saddle

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WintecLite All-Purpose D'Lux Saddle

The WintecLite All Purpose D'Lux Saddle is exceptionally lightweight and versatile. This saddle is equipped with CAIR® panels and the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution System for comfort and fit, as well as Flexiblocs to assist with the rider's leg position. Durable, easy-care Equi-Suede material offers great grip. A removable cantle cover can be changed or monogrammed.

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Item #: X1-15903
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How to Size an All-Purpose Saddle to a Rider
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Weighing only 9 pounds, the extremely lightweight WintecLite All-Purpose D'Lux Saddle is ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines. It’s an extremely comfortable saddle for you and your horse; high-tech materials and performance features ensure superior grip and close contact.

The D’Lux is made from extra-grippy and luxurious Equi-Suede material. It’s durable, weatherproof and easy to clean. An easily removable cantle covering can be swapped out or personalized with a monogram for even more fun. Super-soft knee inserts combined with the Flexibloc System help you achieve a correct and personalized leg position. A seamless flap-to-seat construction ensures an amazing close contact feel.

This WintecLite saddles boast world-leading performance systems that provide the ultimate ease of fitting and horse comfort: the CAIR® Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution. These revolutionary systems work together to deliver a custom fit and fluid cushioning to hug your horse’s individual conformation and provide even weight distribution over the entire length of the panel.

The CAIR panels on this saddle are the softest ever made. Lined with sweat-resistant neoprene, they use air cushion technology to distribute weight and absorb shock to protect your horse’s back, without added bulk. They have deep, wide drop panel points with wide bearing area and wide chambers. Long girth points move buckles from underneath your leg to enhance the close contact feel; a short girth is required.

The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, which incorporates the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE Riser System, offers an unparalleled scope of adjustment. You can select and change the optimal tree width for your horse’s current shape and muscling and make minor adjustments within the saddle panels for optimal balance and clearance.


How to Clean Your Synthetic Saddle
Use a mixture of gentle soap and warm water applied with a rag or sponge to loosen grime. Stuck on dirt can sometimes be removed with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly, and allow the items to dry naturally in the sun.
Guidelines for Sizing an All-Purpose Saddle to a Rider
All-Purpose saddles are perfect for leisure riders who like to take a few small jumps, work on the flat and enjoy trail rides. Some fox hunters also choose this type of saddle, which combines features required for both jumping and flatwork.

Flaps are longer than those on jumping saddles, yet not as long and are cut with a more forward rotation than average dressage saddles. Seat depths vary, but in general are not as shallow as those on jump saddles or as deep as those on dressage saddles.

How the "twist" of a saddle feels to you is a personal choice, though it is an aspect of saddle tree design intended to accommodate the horse's shape more than the rider's. The twist is located behind the pommel at the front of the saddle's seat. The front of any saddle tree has a steep angle to accommodate a horse's withers, while the back of the tree has a flatter angle to accommodate a horse's back. The twist occurs where the bars of the tree "twist" to form the transition between the front and back of the tree. The width of the strip of leather over the twist does not necessarily indicate the width of the twist.

If you feel like you're sitting on a wide board when you sit in a saddle, then the twist is too wide for your build. This could force you into a chair seat position, which puts you behind the horse's movement. A twist appropriately sized for you will allow your legs to hang down softly. If a twist is too narrow for you, your thighs won't feel supported. A professional saddle consultant can be sure that your ideal twist is appropriate for your horse's build.

To find an A/P saddle that will help you enjoy all your riding activities, follow these guidelines.

  • Hip to knee length determines where your knee and leg fit in accordance to the angle and point of the flap. Look to fit this part of your leg first. The rotation and size of the saddle flap should complement the angle of your leg. Your knee should hit at the top point of the flap with at least two fingers to spare.
  • Saddle seat size affects your comfort, ability to move and effectiveness in seat aids. Ignore the seat size measurement of the saddle and work with what actually fits your body. Every manufacturer's saddle seat sizing will feel different. Most saddles require that you fit between three to four fingers (a hand's width) behind your bottom and the tip of the cantle. If you feel confined in a deep-seated saddle, then try the next seat size up.
  • Flap length is less important than the way the flap shape complements the angle of your leg. As a general guideline, the flap will fall only about a third of the way down your calf. The goal in determining flap length is to avoid having the edge of the saddle flap catch on the top of your tall boot or half chap.
  • Riding style, your own personal preference, for any one factor of the saddle and your position as determined by your unique physical build is always important. If you feel confined or restricted in a saddle, or conversely, do not feel supported, try another saddle.