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Wintec saddles are a lightweight, easy-care, technological solution for outfitting your horse with a comfortable saddle that’s also comfortable for your budget. Offered in a variety of jumping, dressage and all-purpose models, Wintec saddles are scratch-resistant and virtually weatherproof. Innovative design features promote an ideal fit and comfort in both horse and rider. Look to Wintec for CAIR® Panels, which use air to distribute weight and absorb shock, the Y-Girthing® system for saddle stability, the EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System so that the gullet can be changed to suit your horse, and the EASY-CHANGE™ Riser System, for small adjustments within the saddle panels. For rider comfort, Wintec offers the Flexibloc System of movable blocks, an ergonomic, adjustable stirrup bar and comfortable seats in a range of sizes. Dover Saddlery is pleased to offer the Wintec line of saddles for all English riding disciplines.