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The WeatherBeeta® brand got its start almost four decades ago when three dedicated horse lovers formed a team with the goal of creating high-quality, innovative horse clothing. The team envisioned durable, comfortable, protective horse blankets that improved on the traditional horse rugs available at the time. With the creation of WeatherBeeta came the first synthetic horse blanket, and that pioneering effort began to redefine horse blankets forever.

From its initial synthetic turnout blankets developed decades ago to the present day, WeatherBeeta's design expertise has continued to grow as the line has continued to evolve and expand. WeatherBeeta blankets, neck covers and accessories are now sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Extensive research in both laboratory and field, coupled with years of experience, goes into the creation of every WeatherBeeta blanket design. Fabrics are extensively tested for strength, performance and durability before being chosen for a blanket design. WeatherBeeta blankets are then manufactured under strict quality controls, with computerized stitching technologies ensuring the highest strength seams.

WeatherBeeta turnout blankets feature outer fabrics of varying deniers and in weaves that help prevent or limit tears. The highest available denier offered in select blankets is 1680 ballistic nylon, which provides the ultimate strength. Next in line, Freestyle blankets feature a minimum of 1200 denier triple weave as standard; a zigzag pattern strengthens the fabric and helps control and limit tears. Original and Genero collection blankets have a minimum standard of 1200 denier ripstop fabric, which has a crosshatch weave devised to control and limit tears.

Any outer fabric used to make a WeatherBeeta turnout blanket is bonded with a waterproof and breathable membrane that, along with taped seams, creates a barrier that keeps out the elements. The membrane stops water droplets from penetrating the blanket, and allows the horse's perspiration and excess moisture to escape and evaporate quickly so that the climate inside the blanket is dry.

Superior waterproofing is a must at WeatherBeeta. All the brand's turnout blankets feature either Repel Shell or Teflon® coating, which cause water droplets to bead and run off the outside of the blanket to prevent saturation by rainwater or snow. The coatings also work in harmony with the breathable membrane, which allows moisture inside the blanket to escape.

WeatherBeeta not only offers a vast selection of horse blankets for turnout and stable, they also offer fly sheets and fly accessories, coolers and show sheets, saddle pads, dog coats and more. Shop the WeatherBeeta brand today!