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Neue Schule Waterford Jumper Bit - 14 mm mouth

Neue Schule

Neue Schule Waterford Jumper Bit - 14 mm mouth

Item #: X1-013049
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Neue Schule Waterford Jumper Bit has a 14 mm Salox® Gold mouthpiece and stainless steel rings. This bit features a flexible mouthpiece sourced for stronger horses or those with a tendency to grab the bit, set and go. The design is great for gaining control, straightness and turning; the combination of the Jumper cheek and the LipSMART™ shelf makes it popular for horses with sensitive lips prone to rubs during faster work.

Salox Gold mouthpiece metal is a high copper alloy specifically formulated to reach rapidly and maintain the temperature of a horse’s mouth, and thereby encourage bit acceptance.

5" (127 mm), 5.25" (133 mm), 5.5" (140 mm), 5.75" (146 mm), 6" (152 mm).