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Vogel Custom Riding Boots

E. VOGEL CUSTOM BOOTS Vogel Custom Riding Boots

Vogel Custom Riding Boots

Handmade in the USA since 1879, E. Vogel Custom Boots are available in all sorts of styles and options.

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Item #: X1-38924
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Uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional wearability are the hallmarks of E. Vogel Custo Boots. Styles include Dress, Field, Fieldmaster or Savoy in several types of leather and options such as: full-length zipper, zipper to calf and elastic gusset. Ladies', men's and children's custom sizing.

Made in the USA.

How to Clean Your Riding Boots

Regularly give your boots a thorough cleaning, conditioning or shining using only products and brushes designed specifically for boot leather. Do not use glycerin soap, a tack cleaner or a household cleaner on any part of your boot or its sole.

You'll want to wipe dirt, manure and horse sweat from the surface of your boots after every ride using a barely damp cloth or sponge. If there's dirt on the welt stitching and zipper, try using a soft-bristled brush. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove caked material from outsoles. Keep in mind that any contaminants left on boot leather leech moisture, promote cracking and weaken or rot the stitching. Additionally, hardened dust and dirt from previous rides cause premature wear and abrasions, and grit in zipper teeth can prevent proper functioning. If you wear spurs, unbuckle the spur straps to clean the leather underneath them.

You'll want to use a soft rag to apply a boot cream or boot polish to the clean, dry leather. Let the product absorb into the leather for several minutes and avoid putting polish on zipper teeth. Buff boots with a polishing brush followed by buffing with another clean rag until the boot is shiny. Be sure to use a gentle brush to remove polish from welt stitching. Always check to see what kind of polish and brush your boot manufacturer recommends. Some manufacturers supply products that work best on their boot leather.

For thorough zipper care, vacuum or brush away debris before applying a thin coat of Zipper-Ease®, the stick lubricant that rubs on like a crayon and extends the life of your zippers.