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Vetericyn Plus® Wound & Skin Care Liquid


Vetericyn Plus® Wound & Skin Care Liquid

The Vetericyn® Wound Spray offers one-step topical wound care that requires no rinsing and won't sting when applied. Non-caustic, it will not harm healthy tissue. 16 oz.

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16 oz Spray
Item #: X1-22718
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Vetericyn Plus® Wound & Skin Care Liquid for horses and other animals helps relieve pain and jump-start healing. This wound care spray can be used to clean, flush, moisturize and help prevent infection in wounds, cuts and abrasions, all without caustic ingredients. Steroid- and antibiotic-free, this wound treatment does not sting when applied. 

Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Liquid can be used to:

  • Clean and treat cuts, abrasions, scrapes and other minor wounds.
  • Clean post-surgical sites.
  • Moisturize wound dressings.
  • Relieve bite wounds, pressure sores, abscesses, skin ulcers.
  • Ease itch and the pain of skin inflammation.

This one-step topical solution is easy and neat to apply. 16 ounce spray.