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Vespucci Plain Raised Hunter Bridle

0012667_1.jpg Vespucci Plain Raised Hunter Bridle
Colors/Options: Brown

Vespucci Plain Raised Hunter Bridle

The classically-styled Vespucci Plain Raised Hunter Bridle has a single crown design and soft padding for horse comfort. This top-quality American leather bridle comes with matching laced reins. Ideal for both schooling and showing.

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Item #: X1-12667
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Crafted from premium American leather, the Vespucci Plain Raised Hunter Bridle is designed for comfort and the versatility to transition from schooling to the show ring. The single crownpiece is engineered to alleviate pressure on the poll. Stainless steel hardware throughout, including roller buckle on the caveson and hook stud closures. Matching laced reins are included.

Manufacturer Restricted Price Product: Count on Dover Saddlery for the best quality, value and price possible. However, some of our manufacturers restrict advertised selling prices and prevent us from advertising discounts. For other items, some manufacturers allow us to offer and advertise a discount on a limited basis. Therefore, some products are not eligible for discounts.

For a properly fitted bridle, a caveson noseband should sit just below the horse's cheekbones - generally no more than the width of 2 fingers from the bottom of the cheekbone to the top of the noseband (this does not apply to drop or figure 8 nosebands). Figure 8 nosebands should sit above the bottom of the cheek bone only if they have a ring that allows movement connecting the noseband to the cheek piece. The browband should never be gaping or flopping. Click Here for more information and examples.

Properly adjusted cheek pieces will cause the bit to create two gentle wrinkles at the corner of the mouth on each side. Cheek piece buckles should generally be at the level of a horse's eye, and on a bridle that fits a horse's head very well, all buckles will generally be at the same level as each other. These cheek piece guidelines are just a suggestion, as finding a perfect fit on all horses is near impossible. Multiple holes are given on cheek pieces to allow for vast adjustment. Keep in mind that the proper position of the bit is a priority over buckle placement. Click Here for more information and examples.

Some horses can be difficult to fit in a stock size bridle. For this reason, additional bridle pieces can be bought in a variety of sizes and it is never a problem to mix and match sizes of individual pieces to get the proper fit.

For a bridle size chart, please refer to the "Size Guide" link that appears on the product page.