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Colors/Options: Black/Silver Chocolate/Gold Navy/Silver Olive Green/Gold


The Unbelt offers unprecedented comfort and fit. This super-flexible, low-profile belt has a metal buckle that is only 1/8" thick to avoid interference with your movements.

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Item #: X1-41563
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Thread an Unbelt through the belt loops of your breeches or jeans, and you’ll experience an unprecedented comfort and fit. With this ladies' belt, you’ll never have belt buckle bulk under the front hem of your tee, a gap at the back of your waist or the laundry day hassle of un-threading it from your belt loops.

Amazingly comfortable, the Unbelt is built to hug, not pinch, in a flexible, adjustable stretch band custom knitted to feel soft, but stand up to wear. Its 1.5" width fits standard belt loops. It boasts a metal buckle that’s a mere 1/8" thick—so it won’t get in the way of your ride. Made from recycled metal in a hypoallergenic zinc alloy, it won’t set off metal detectors and can be washed right along with your pants.

Made in Canada.

72% polyester, 17% nylon, 11% spandex.
Fits hips from 0-24X.