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Two Brains, One Aim

Trafalgar Square

Two Brains, One Aim

In Two Brains, One Aim, accomplished trainer, rider, coach and author, Eric Smiley, puts together the pieces to riding well. It examines his experiences in how humans and horses interact and how he can guide riders to better performance by making their lives less complicated and more fulfilling.

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Riding well can be a puzzle. Two Brains, One Aim by international event rider, coach and author Eric Smiley puts together the pieces to riding well, including:

  • How humans and horses learn.
  • Striving for partnership versus dictatorship.
  • Early training and developing skills.
  • Demystifying equestrian-speak.
  • Dressage outside the arena.
  • Ground poles for the rest of us.
  • Jumping and cross-country tips.
  • Competition psychology.
  • Being coached and being a coach.           

“This book is aimed at riders, coaches and anyone interested in learning more about how humans and horses interact. I have tried to harness my own experiences when I cover the three main disciplines—dressage, show jumping and eventing—and how they relate to one another. I look at how those in a coaching position can guide riders to perform better by making their lives less complicated and more fulfilling, and I examine how riders can apply the same principles to training their horses and become self-sufficient.” —Eric Smiley.      Paperback, 192 pages.