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Tech Milan 3-Tip Spur Set

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Colors/Options: Red

Tech Milan 3-Tip Spur Set

The Tech Milan 3-Tip Spur Set is a pair of quality aluminium spurs that comes with a set of three different exchangeable tips and a tool to swap tips out. 

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Item #: X1-25348
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About Spurs
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The Tech Milan 3-Tip Spur Set is really three spurs in one. Made of the same quality aluminum  construction with an anodic-oxidation process as the original Tech Stirrup Irons, each pair has three different exchangeable tips. Includes the tool to easily swap tips out. Pair.


About Spurs
Spurs are considered artificial riding aids. Most spurs for the English riding disciplines come in durable stainless steel. Some premium quality spurs are made of German silver, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. A few brands of contemporary spurs are made of composite or polymer materials.

Metal spurs can be polished for shine. Spurs with branches covered in rubber are designed to protect boots leather from scuffing and wear.

The "neck" of a spur is the part that sticks out from the back. The neck may have a "tip" that is blunt, rounded or a roller made of metal, rubber or plastic.

Note: if you plan to compete in spurs, be sure to check the governing rules of your event to ensure compliance with length and shape.

We recommend you ask a trainer if unsure on what type of spur is suitable for your horse and level of work.

Types of Spur Straps
Leather: Classic looking; can be cut to length, and extra holes may be punched.

Braided nylon: Durable, woven nylon won't scratch boots and allows precise tightening through the weave instead of holes.

Rubber: Won't scratch your boots, stays put and rinses off easily.