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Dover Saddlery® Surcingle Extender

SURCINGLE EXTENDER Dover Saddlery® Surcingle Extender

Dover Saddlery® Surcingle Extender

There's no trouble using your surcingle over your saddle when you have the Dover Saddlery® Surcingle Extender for added length.

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Item #: X1-284
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How to Size a Girth
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With the Dover Saddlery® Surcingle Extender, you can use your surcingle over your saddle. Roller buckles make adjustment easy.


Sizing a Girth
A girth with the correct length for your horse and saddle will be adjusted on the same billet holes on each side-regardless of whether you're using a long girth or a short (dressage) girth.

For a long girth, ideally the buckles will not be located high under your thigh where they can feel bulky. When this happens, it means the girth is too long for the horse. Always be sure that you have at least two billet holes available above and at least one hole available below the buckles.

When looking at a short girth length for a dressage saddle or monoflap event saddle, be sure that you have at least three to four fingers' width between the top of the girth and the bottom of the saddle pad and saddle flap on both sides. If the girth comes too close to the edge of the saddle pad or flap, your horse's skin can feel pinched.

How to Estimate Girth Length