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Succeed Crumbles Digestive Supplement


Succeed Crumbles Digestive Supplement

Succeed® daily nutritional horse supplement supports the health of the complete equine digestive tract. It's formulated in crumble form for horses that consume high grain diets, are fed intermittently, stabled, or who travel, train, compete or breed--all factors that can lead to digestive imbalance. 60-day supply.

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3.75 lb
Item #: X1-22216
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Succeed® is a nutritional supplement for horses that, given daily, supports the health of the entire equine digestive tract. Formulated in a palatable and easy-to-feed crumble form, Succeed contains all-natural nutrients that can help maintain a healthy digestive balance despite any daily stress or challenges your horse experiences. It’s intended for horses who receive high grain rations, intermittent feeding, stabling, travel, training and competition or breeding and early development. Key ingredients include oat oil, oat flour, yeast products, glutamine and threonine. 3.75 lb (60-day supply).