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Stubben 2-in-1 Loose Ring Bit


Stubben 2-in-1 Loose Ring Bit

Item #: X1-010862
List: $88.00
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The Stübben 2-in-1 Loose Ring Bit has a 16mm stainless steel mouth with a sweet copper center link and 70mm stainless steel rings. This bit is designed to be used in two ways for different levels of impact. If the more angular side of the bit is buckled so that it face’s the horse’s tongue, the pressure occurs more selectively. If the round side is buckled toward the tongue, a softer impact is created. A + sign at one end of the mouthpiece helps you discern which level is in effect. If the + is visible from the left side of the horse, the more effective use of the bit is in effect. If the + sign cannot be seen on the left side, then the softer level is in effect. Changing the buckling occasionally may help prevent desensitization of the horse’s mouth. The sweet copper center link encourages bit acceptance by promoting chewing and salivation.