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The SSG® riding glove line spans more than 50 styles to satisfy every type of equestrian need in every discipline and at all seasons of the year. It includes styles for in-hand work and stable chores, too! SSG riding gloves come at a full range of price points so that every rider on any budget can enjoy a quality glove. High-quality natural leathers and premium synthetic fabrics are chosen to create gloves that offer great performance and value. The resulting gloves provide riders with comfort and confidence, whether they’re just learning to ride or are seasoned competitors. SSG’s exclusive double-stitched French seam in a number of its gloves eliminates the need for the index fingers to have a bulky inside seam. The French double stitch protects against wear, which better protects the rider and the useful life of the gloves. Dover Saddlery is a handpicked, authorized and longtime dealer of SSG riding gloves. Shop this collection to find a pair that’s right for you. Choose from breathable, lightweight summer gloves, insulated winter gloves, durable training and work gloves and classic show gloves.