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Freejump® Spur'One Hammer Spurs

Colors/Options: Black/Black Black/Pearl Blue Black/Pearl Red

Freejump® Spur'One Hammer Spurs

Item #: X1-25354
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Freejump® Spur’One Hammer Spurs are innovative, extremely lightweight, super-comfortable to wear and provide a perfect fit against riding boots. The rigidity of Spur’One’s outer branch and the first third of its inner branch allow it to be positioned perfectly on the boot and next to the side of the horse. The innovative articulation of Spur’One makes it possible to maintain this rigidity, ensuring precision while offering an incomparable comfort thanks to the immediate adjustment of the spur to the width of the boot.

Spur’One is a smart choice for any amateur and competition rider. Technical features include:

  • Articulated internal branch for an immediate and effortless adjustment of the spur to the width of the rider’s boot.
  • Carbon fiber body for lightness and rigidity, ensuring ideal spur adjustment.
  • Elastollan inner over-molding for a powerful grip and stability on the rider’s boot.
  • An angled and profiled aperture for spur straps, allowing ergonomic positioning of the strap on the bridge of the rider’s foot.

The Spur’One design also helps prevent the spur from slipping and reduces the chance of pressure points on the rider’s feet. 25mm hammer end. Pair.

Made in France.