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Freejump® Soft'Up Classic Stirrups

Colors/Options: Silver

Freejump® Soft'Up Classic Stirrups

Item #: X1-07039
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The Freejump® Soft’Up Classic Stirrup made specifically for the U.S. hunter equitation ring. It delivers the next level of performance in single-branch composite stirrups. The result of collaboration between French rider Pénélope Leprevost and the Italian designer Pininfarina, the Soft’Up Classic has an eye that is set parallel to the tread and is slightly reduced in size.

This stirrup offers improved shock-absorption and three times more cushioning than a traditional stirrup. New branch geometry reduces strain on the stirrup by two-thirds and relieves pressure on both the rider’s joints and the horse’s back.

The center of gravity is set towards the front. This causes a backward movement of the wide carbon tread to encourage the rider to keep her heels down. Tilted studs on the tread create a supportive surface that is 12% bigger than the original, and that alleviates pressure points on the arch of the rider’s foot. Aircraft-grade spring steel comprises the branch to deliver a high mechanical strength 37% more resistant to wear.

This stirrup is made for use with Freejump’s single-strap stirrup leathers, sold separately. Features include:

  • Nine studs. (Worn studs can be replaced.)
  • Spring steel branch over-molded with an elastomer.
  • Flexible outer branch, which can be replaced.
  • Extra-wide carbon tread.
  • Replaceable cover.
  • Grips, which can be replaced.