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Arenus® Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice

Arenus® Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice

Item #: X1-220959
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Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice is an FEI-compliant formula offering double the strength of Sore No-More Classic and Performance. This poultice combines herbs and high-grade bentonite clay into a fast-acting, silky smooth and soothing application.

Developed by veterinarians with top competitive horses in mind, it has a potent mix of arnica, rosemary, witch hazel and comfrey, a potent anti-inflammatory. Together the ingredients help reduce inflammation and swelling in a legs and hooves, drawing heat, fluid and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the applied area. This poultice is as gentle on your hands as it is on your horse’s skin. As a hoof pack, it can be used as a drawing agent for abscesses, infections and bruises.

Sore No-More Performance Ultra Poultice can be applied daily and at regulated competitions. It can be used on its own or under wraps, paper or plastic, with no risk of burning, blistering or irritation.

Key features:

  • Contains all-natural ingredients, and is free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic or artificial additives. Also free of irritating herbs such as menthol and capsaicin.
  • Contains time-tested arnica, rosemary, ginger and witch hazel. Now with comfrey for a more potent anti-inflammatory that is FEI compliant.
  • Contains silky smooth bentonite clay to help ease pain, swelling and inflammation.

Equine professionals across the country rely on Sore No-More Performance Ultra Poultice to help their horses with sore muscles and injuries. It’s also the choice of top equine therapists for more than 20 years at all major international competitions, USEF events and the Olympics.

Key benefits:

  • Easy removal: Performance Ultra Poultice is designed for busy competitors. It simply brushes off, without the need to wash. It is also safe to leave on the skin or hooves without removal.
  • Multi-purpose: This is a versatile horse poultice that meets the demands of high-level performance horses. It helps reduce swelling and discomfort in legs, fetlocks, knees and hocks. Draws out bacterial and fungal infections. Use as a hoof pack or drawing agent for abscesses.
  • Careful herb selection: Whole herbs are carefully chosen, extracted and monitored for purity and strength; no commercial extracts or diluted tinctures are used. The process ensures the highest potency and purity for consistent, powerful relief.

23 pounds.