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Cavallo™ Simple Slim Sole Hoof Boots

Cavallo™ Simple Slim Sole Hoof Boots

Item #: X1-041711
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Sold in pairs, Cavallo™ Simple Slim Sole Hoof Boots are made for oval-shaped hooves. A multipurpose design, it is excellent for all-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse. It helps promote healthy hooves by allowing increased blood circulation through natural expansion of the hoof wall and absorbs shock so your horse’s legs don’t need to.

Simple Boots are handy to have on hand when a horseshoe is lost, and they add protection during trailering and breeding. They also provide comfort for chronic pain and hoof sensitivity and can be used to aid rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels.

Lightweight, easy to put on and remove, the Simple Boot has front fastening with industrial grade Velcro® brand closures. The genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible. Moldable back flap provides bulb protection and abrasion resistance. Durable construction includes a waterproof thread, rustproof metal and high-performance TPU outsole.

Key features:

  • Softee leather foam-filled collar offers comfort against pastern.
  • All-terrain tread supports the hoof wall.
  • Drainage slots minimize build-up of mud, sand and debris.
  • Provides excellent traction while still allowing natural movement.
  • Center of outsole is recessed to minimize pressure.


Regular versus Slim:

  • Regular sole is best for a hoof that measures the same length and width.
  • Slim sole best for a more oval-shaped hoof, measuring longer in length than width.