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Now Even Better!

Showmark Bridles have been a part of the Dover collection for over 10 years, representing quality, style and value. We took these principles seriously when we set out to update this line. With input from customers, top trainers and riders, we redesigned Showmark and had a world respected bridle maker craft it for us. The premium, soft Wickett & Craigh American leather looks good from day one and keeps getting better with use. We're proud to showcase these new bridles for you!

Showmark Deluxe Jumper Bridle

Ring-style figure 8 noseband

Fancy-stitch detail & sheepskin center

Showmark Deluxe Hunter Bridle

Chin is discretely padded

Classic buckles
Both bridles have an integrated, padded crown that is contoured around ears:

Showmark Deluxe Jumper Bridle

Showmark Deluxe Figure-8 Noseband

Showmark Deluxe Crank Noseband