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Riding Gloves

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Horse riding gloves are a must-have item for the majority of horseback riders. Although optional for schooling and pleasure riding, they’re mandatory in most recognized competitions. Riding gloves protect a rider’s (or handler’s) hands from friction, blisters or burns that can occur while handling reins, long lines or leads, and they can provide added grip for a secure hold. In the show ring, riding gloves create a polished appearance. Everywhere else, riding gloves offer a chance to reveal your personal style through color and embellishments. At Dover Saddlery, you’ll discover an extensive selection of horse riding gloves at every price point, for every season of the year, and in materials that include genuine leathers and synthetic materials ranging from manmade leather to nylon, neoprene and mesh. Riding gloves are constructed to allow a flexible but snug fit, without any bulk, to allow optimal feel on reins. Many designs have reinforcements in key areas to protect against wear. Find your ideal pair right here!