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Omega Alpha® Respi-Free™

Omega Alpha®

Omega Alpha® Respi-Free™

Item #: X1-22370
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Respi-Free™ from Omega Alpha® is a solution that’s administered orally as a treatment for breathing problems in horses. Conveniently combining the benefits of several respiratory products—Airwaves™, Lung Flush™ and Herba Coff™--into one, this formula is indicated for use in horses with severe breathing problems such as COPD/Heaves. It’s also beneficial for horses worked on surfaces that may contribute to respiratory problems. All natural ingredients work to act as expectorant, cough suppressant and bronchodilator while increasing blood flow to the lung capillaries, helping to remove toxins and opening airways. Contains: eriobotryae japonica, bulbus fritillaria thunbergii, polygala tenuifolia, rosemary, scutellaria biancalensis, moordica grosvenori, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum morifolium, morus alba, peppermint, eucalyptus leaves, mullein, pleurisy root, elecampane, nettles and menthol. Dosage: 30-90cc one to three times daily, as required. Pre-event, administer 60cc. Quart.