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Horseware Ireland is renowned worldwide for quality and innovation. Its range of products represents the state of the art in equine management - in other words, the best you can get for your horse.

Horse clothing changed forever when, in 1985, Tom and Carol MacGuinness produced a blanket that didn't leak, didn't make a horse sweat and didn't slip. Rambo has continued to set the standard for 25 years.

Rambo® Turnouts
The entire collection is now updated with these new features:
Totally waterproof and breathable-over 10 times the industry standard.
3-year waterproof and breathable guarantee. Lifetime guarantee on hardware.
Reflective strips make it easier to find your horse in the dark.
Large tail flap for greater protection against the elements.
Chest trigger clips are fixed on an inward angle to strengthen them and ensure they are fastened correctly toward the horse's chest.
PVC-coated tail cord replaces the usual fillet strap and is easier to clean.
Stainless steel hardware prevents rusting and is incredibly strong and hard wearing.
Removable surcingles.
Antibacterial lining kills bacteria to help prevent infections. Its hydrophilic
properties conduct moisture away from the body to be absorbed by Horseware's unique AquaTrans™ coating.
Patented Leg Arches™ and third surcingle prevent tightness behind the elbow
and in front of the stifle. Patented V-front closure lifts point of pressure above
the shoulder and allows horse to graze without restraint.