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PS of Sweden Nirak™ Bridle

PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden Nirak™ Bridle

Item #: X1-120663
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Handmade with Spanish vegetable-tanned leather, the PS of Sweden Nirak™ Bridle supports peaceful communication between the horse and rider when combined with a suitable bit. The noseband is designed to avoid adding pressure on the teeth and therefore, helps reduce possible bit-related issues.

The Nirak design helps the horse to accept the bit and is well-suited to a young horse still learning to communicate with the rider and for the horse that tries to avoid contact with the rider’s hand by folding in the neck. This bridle is also suitable for very forward-going horses, because it helps the rider regulate the horse’s speed without the use of a sharp bit or strong hand.

The crownpiece is anatomically shaped to relieve pressure points on the sensitive neck area, which is extra-effective due to the air gap above the horse’s poll. Extra padding around the ears ensures optimal comfort.

The cheek pieces are flat with regular hooks and patent-pending Cradles™. The Cradles allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth, creating natural elasticity and further relieving pressure on the poll. Cradles can be hooked on and taken off easily. The cheek pieces are adjustable on both ends to make the bridle fit each individual horse perfectly and to allow different sizes of bit rings.

The browband has a unique, patent-pending Click-it™ design which allows you to swap it in a few seconds, even when the horse is already wearing the bridle. All keepers are equipped with rubber on the inside to keep them in place even under the toughest of challenges.

The Nirak bridle is recommended for horses that:

  • Fold in the neck.
  • Struggle to relax and seek the bit.
  • Are strong or forward-going.
  • Are used to working from nose pressure.

Extra features:

  • Avoids unwanted pressure.
  • Combines bit and nose pressure.
  • Leaves sensitive nerve endings free.
  • FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines.


  • Bridle does not have a throatlatch.
  • Reins are sold separately.
  • Comes with PS bridle bag.

Apply oil or balm before you use it for the first time. Repeated oiling is beneficial. Clean the leather using leather soap after each use.