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Point Two ProAir Jacket*

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Colors/Options: Black
Point Two

Point Two ProAir Jacket*

The Point Two ProAir Jacket helps reduce your chance of serious injury with a trigger system that becomes activated by a stored CO2 canister when you become separated from the saddle. Inflates within .1 of a second and automatically deflates after 15-20 seconds. Requires servicing annually or after six falls. Two canisters included.

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Item #: X1-40766
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With an updated trigger system that’s super easy to install, the Point Two ProAir Jacket* offers revolutionary air cushion technology to reduce the chance of injury. This inflatable jacket has a narrow lanyard that attaches to your saddle and in no way interferes with your movements while riding. Should you be separated from your saddle, a CO2 canister stored on the front of the jacket is activated by the release of the lanyard. The air bag inflates within .1 of a second to protect major thoracic and upper abdominal organs as well as the neck, rib cage and spinal area.

The jacket automatically deflates after approximately 15-20 seconds. While it is inflated, you have full movement of waist, arms and legs and partial movement of the head. Straps on both sides adjust for fit; a foam pad behind the trigger system and on the opposite side offers extra coverage. Minimum weight for adult sizing is 84 pounds.

This vest is fully reusable and requires servicing annually or after six falls. It’s made of tough, wipe-clean fabric. For full wash, send in for service. Includes bungee lanyard, nylon saddle attachment, Allen key and user manual. The patented Point Two Trigger System has passed the highest standard of airbag testing. Canister is easy to install with a simple bayonet system. Two canisters are included with vest. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Warning: for your protection, be sure to use only the recommended canister made by Point Two. Using another canister will result in product failure and could result in injury.