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Point Two Air Jackets


  • Protection from shock absorbtion
  • Distributes pressure
  • Effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement
  • Inflatable jacket that is lightweight and comfortable
  • Landyard of the jacket connects with the nylon stirrup straps at the front of the saddle and enables full movement in all directions for the rider
  • Made of highly resistant polyester fabric

CO2 canister inflates the jacket within 0.1 seconds to protect trunk and collar areas against impact,
specifically the neck, rib and coccyx.

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Point Two ProAir Jacket - In Black
Dover's Price: $675.00

Point Two Child's CO2 Canister - Set of 3
Dover's Price: $90.00

Replacement CO2 Cartridge Set of 3
Dover's Price: $90.00