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Panacur® PowerPac

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Panacur® PowerPac

Panacur® PowerPac equine wormer by Merck Animal Health contains a double-dose of fenbendazole. It offers a complete five-day treatment against predominant internal parasites for a 1,250 lb horse. 5 syringes, 57 grams each.

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Item #: X1-22692
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Highly effective Panacur® PowerPac equine dewormer by Merck Animal Health (5 x 57 gram syringes) offers a complete treatment course against the predominant internal parasites in horses. Each syringe is a double dose of fenbendazole for a 1,250 lb horse. It contains a unique apple cinnamon flavor. Panacur PowerPac is designed to be given for five consecutive days to a individual horse. 5 syringes, 57 grams each.