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Neue Schule Transform 12mm Weymouth

Neue Schule

Neue Schule Transform 12mm Weymouth

Item #: X1-010688
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The Neue Schule Transform 12mm Weymouth Bit helps horses that are overactive in the mouth or are so fixated on the double bits that they can’t focus on rein aids. It has also proven beneficial for horses that have a small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle, as it sits further back in the mouth and leaves more room for the bradoon.

The Transform mouthpiece traces a subtle convex arc which rotates the shafts back at approximately 45° when the curb rein is used. The curb chain engages at this point to restrict further rotation, and simultaneously the mouthpiece rotates forward, coming to rest vertically in the mouth without rolling onto the more sensitive part of the tongue. The mouthpiece is so comfortable that horses typically don’t draw the tongue back to relieve pressure and there is usually no way for the horse to get the tongue over the bit. 12mm Salox® mouth; 7cm stainless steel shanks. Includes curb chain.

Neue Schule bits offer high performance and superior comfort for all horses in any discipline and at every level. Created for enlightened riders, all the inspired bit designs feature mouthpieces made of Salox® Gold, a high copper alloy specifically formulated to rapidly reach and maintain the temperature of a horse’s mouth, encouraging softness and relaxed acceptance. This attractive metal has anti-tarnishing properties to maintain its luxurious look. Driven by the needs of the horse and rider, the “new school” bit design philosophy involves the creation of ergonomic mouthpieces that are engineered using the latest CAD technologies for exceptional comfort and effective communication.