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Myler® Mullen Barrel Low Port Loose Ring MB 36 - 14mm


Myler® Mullen Barrel Low Port Loose Ring MB 36 - 14mm

Item #: X1-013195
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The Myler® Mullen Barrel Low Port Loose Ring with MB 36 forward tilt mouthpiece in 14mm thickness is a Level 2/3 bit that offers a step up in tongue relief from the Level 2 MB 04.

It has a wide, low 1/4" port that allows the tongue to position the bit comfortably. The mouthpiece is a mullen style with a forward tilt that will rotate lightly down onto the tongue when the reins are engaged, but offers very generous tongue relief behind the mouthpiece when the reins are relaxed.

Independent Side Movement™ allows the rider to isolate one side of the bit for bending, balancing or lifting a shoulder.

Stainless steel with copper inlay.