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Myler® Comfort Snaffle D-Ring Bit


Myler® Comfort Snaffle D-Ring Bit

Item #: X1-01383
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The Myler® Comfort Snaffle Dee MB 02 applies maximum tongue pressure with little to no bar or lip pressure. This Level 1 bit is designed for horses that are beginning training and is approved for both USEF and FEI dressage.

Myler bits offer many features including:

  • Curved mouthpiece, which permits the horse to swallow more freely and distributes pressure evenly.
  • Copper inlay on the mouthpiece, which tastes sweet, to encourage salivation.
  • Optional hooks, which offer leverage, allowing a rider to use less rein pressure.
  • Independent Side Movement™ within the mouthpiece, which allows a rider to isolate one side of the bit, assisting in lifting a shoulder or in balancing and bending.