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Mouillère Overshoes

Colors/Options: Pink

Mouillère Overshoes

Mouillère® Overshoes in colorful TPR help protect your riding boots from moisture, muck and mud. Comfortable, secure and practical. Remove overshoes from boots when they are not being worn. 

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Item #: X1-381374
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Mouillère® Overshoes slip easily over the feet of your riding boots to help protect against moisture, muck and mud. Made of stretchy thermoplastic rubber (TPR), they adapt perfectly to the all kinds of boots and shoes. And the colorful choices add personality!

Re-invented by Mr. Luc Mouillère and designed by Jean-Christophe Dumont, graduate of ENSCI, Mouillere® overshoes are made in France in a factory specialized shoes molded from TPR. Mouillère ® overshoes have many advantages:

  • Economic: Protect boots and shoes from water and mud, and thus help prolong their useful life.
  • Comfortable and secure: Improve grip and keeps feet dry.
  • Practical: No difference between right and left foot, so the mouillere® goes on easily, removes easily and fits many different shoe models, male or female.
  • Adaptable: Can be worn on any wet surface and in every other environment from countryside to touch, grass or beach, while walking, biking, gardening, etc.


Note: We recommend removing overshoes from your riding boots when you are not wearing them. Doing so allows condensation to escape and prevents the buildup of moisture that can deteriorate stitching and leather. 

    Sizes: US XS(6 1/2-7 1/2)/EU(38-39), S(7-8 1/2)/(39-40), M(9-9 1/2)/(41-42), L(10 to 10 1/2)/(43-44).