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Micklem Multibridle by Horseware Ireland
Micklem Multibridle

"William Micklem's horsemanship continues to be a flagship of our training program." Karen O'Connor

Why the Rambo® Micklem Multibridle is Different

The Micklem Multibridle is designed from the inside out; from the shape of the horse's skull, instead of the outward appearance of the head. The straps are positioned to hold the bridle in a comfortable position, avoiding fragile bones, facial nerves, protruding upper jaw and molars. Additionally, the design reduces shifting and keeps the bridle in place. Comfort features include a padded crown piece and wider straps that stay put and reduce pressure points. The Multibridle combines four pieces of equipment into one. With a few small adjustments, it can easily be adapted to the training requirements of most horses and riders.

As a Bridle:
An effective, durable and humane bridle, well-suited for multi-discipline work. Simply use the optional tongue protection clips (included) to join a bit to the side rings. This reduces tongue pressure and helps alleviate issues associated with horses that resist rein contact and evade the bit, including flipping the tongue over the bit. Being more comfortable, many horses immediately respond more willingly to this bridle.

As a Bit Free Bridle:
Attach the conversion strap (included), and the Mutlibridle becomes a highly effective, bit free bridle. Depending on your horse's individual needs, there are two bit free bridle setups, one mild, one medium. Regardless of the setup chosen, they all avoid damage to the sensitive tissue inside the mouth and the horse's molars.

As a Lunge Caveson, or Even a Halter!
The bridle can be used as a lunge caveson that is both very secure and uniquely comfortable. A center D-ring on the noseband is optimally placed for attachment of a lunge line.