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TuffRider® Men's Full-Seat Breech

0035041_1.jpg TuffRider® Men's Full-Seat Breech
Colors/Options: Black Light Tan White

TuffRider® Men's Full-Seat Breech

TuffRider® Men's Full-Seat Breeches feature traditional style with a European waist. In a soft, breathable, stretch cotton blend, these men's breeches are both comfortable and durable. A great value for schooling or showing.

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Item #: X1-35041
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Styled with a traditional European waist, TuffRider® Men's Full-Seat Breeches are made of a soft and breathable fabric. UltraGripp™ full seat for grip, belt loops and hook-and-loop ankle closures.

92% cotton/8% spandex.
Soft and breathable 92% cotton/8% spandex.
Full-seat breeches are the choice of many dressage and event riders. Traditionally made of leather but now available in a variety of manmade materials, the full seats of these breeches provide grip throughout a rider’s seat and inner thighs. This “stick” helps a rider maintain a deep and secure seat, which in turn can help with the execution of subtle aids. Full-seat breeches for men, women and youths come in all sorts of styles, colors and fabrics and at all price points for both schooling and competition. Fashion-forward riders might appreciate low-rise breeches in patterned fabrics or with contrast stitching, embroidery and even sparkling embellishments. Traditionalists might take advantage of conservatively colored breeches with subtle style features such as a wider waistband or contrast full seat. Modern technical fabrics, even at the most economical price points, provide moisture wicking, good stretch and recovery, plus easy-care and durability. Higher end breech fabrics often boast abrasion resistance, water- and stain-repellency, temperature control and more. Dover Saddlery has a wide selection of full-seat breeches to suit every rider’s taste, needs and budget. Shop our collection from all the leading brands to find your perfect breech.
Tips for Washing Your Breeches

Make your breeches last by following manufacturer's washing instructions closely. Prior to washing, close any zippers and hook-and-loop ankle fasteners. Turn breeches inside out to protect metal logo plaques, knee patches and full seats from abrasions.

Breeches with faux-suede or faux-leather seats, knee patches or trim may be washed with a gentle laundry detergent unless manufacturer's recommendations say otherwise. Breeches with deerskin or other genuine leather trim must be washed with a product formulated to protect and clean leather.

Hang all breeches to dry naturally even when instructions allow machine drying.