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Fiebing's Boot Creme Polish

Colors/Options: Black Brown Neutral

Fiebing's Boot Creme Polish

Give your riding boots new life with Fiebing's Boot Creme Polish. Smooth and easy to apply, this boot polish conditions and revitalizes boot color, then buffs to a high shine. 2.25 ounces.

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Item #: X1-3714
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Fiebing's Boot Creme Polish helps make your riding boots look brand new. Rich in natural waxes, this boot polish conditions and re-colors finished, grained and smooth leather boots and shoes. Excellent for covering scuffs, it buffs to a high gloss. 2.25 oz.

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Boot polish is an essential component of proper riding boot care. Not to be reserved just for spit shining tall show boots, it’s formulated specifically to help nourish and protect boot leather as it imparts gleam. Boot polish formulations can help restore rich color, prevent premature cracking and aging and add dirt resistance and water repellency. You can choose from an impressive selection of boot polishes, cleaners and conditioners—but never use tack or household products on your boots. Shop for products formulated specifically for your boot brand, or choose from the high-quality products designed to work with any boot.