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Mattes Poly-Flex Shims for Correction Pads


Mattes Poly-Flex Shims for Correction Pads

E.A. Mattes Poly-Flex Shims are inserts that fit into pockets in any Mattes Correction Pad for all-purpose or dressage saddles. Poly-Flex shims may be cut to a desired size.

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Item #: X1-19074
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E.A. Mattes Poly-Flex Shims fit into pockets in any E.A. Mattes Correction Pad, including full and half pad styles. Shims, also called inserts, can help to improve the way a saddle sits on a horse. This replacement shim set includes two front and two rear shims, which may be trimmed to fit. For A/P or dressage.

With the assistance and recommendation of a qualified saddle fitter, shims can help adjust the fit of a saddle on an asymmetrical horse or help fit a saddle that may sit a little low or may be slightly too big. Shims or inserts will not help the fit of a saddle that is too tight, and in fact can make the tight fit worse. If you would like help concerning shims/inserts and correction pads, customer service representatives in our call center and retail associates in our stores are trained and eager to help.