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Majyk Equipe® XC Elite Front Boot with Arti-Lage™ Technology

Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe® XC Elite Front Boot with Arti-Lage™ Technology

Item #: X1-041702
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This Majyk Equipe® XC Elite Front Boot with Arti-Lage™ Technology is the top-of-the-line boot with an outer constructed from a super strong, but lightweight, ripstop TPU material bonded over a breathable mesh.

Inside the boot is a four-way flexion strike guard designed to work with a horse’s movement, but form a hard wall when faced with impact. ARTi-LAGE™ dilatant material lines the inside of the strike area for ultimate protection. The proprietary material is soft and pliable in its normal state, but changes its molecular structure to harden when struck, deflecting impact and dispersing the energy.

A non-neoprene, Bio Foam liner is super-soft, but formulated to grip your horse’s leg. The lightweight foam is antimicrobial and perforated to prevent heat build up. Repels water and dust over all kinds of terrain.

The "Forever Clean™" breathable coating on the outer shell cuts clean up time in half as mud, dirt, and debris slide right off with a quick rinse. Double stitched finishes with adjustable straps. Pair.

Hand wash and air dry.
S(14.3-15.2H), M(15.3-16.3H), L(17+H).