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Majyk Equipe® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots

0041695_2.jpg Majyk Equipe® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots
Colors/Options: Silver

Majyk Equipe® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots

In a brilliant design, these Majyk Equipe® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots with air pump make cooling your horse’s legs after exercise easy and effective. Pair.

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Item #: X1-041695
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Majyk Equipe® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots are an easy and effective way to cool and disperse heat from your horse’s legs after exercise. Made from NASA-approved materials, the cooling boot extends above the knee and below fetlock for extra coverage.

Long-lasting cooling gel paired with compression provides the perfect combination of rest and recovery. An easy-to-operate hand pump with release valve neatly tucks away in the handy mesh pocket to keep it from trailing.

The entire boot can be placed in a freezer compartment, or you can cool just the liners in a freezer or ice chest for three to four hours prior to use. The gel liner becomes ice cold while staying malleable and comfortable as it wraps around the leg.

Pump 18-20 times and measure the pressure by inserting finger between gel liner and the leg. Depress button on pump to release pressure. Can be used with or without compression. Non-neoprene construction helps protect against mold and fungus growth.

Key features:

  • Provides thorough coverage.
  • Soft cooling gel is comfortable on horse’s leg.
  • Compression helps aid recovery and fight inflammation.
  • Reflective outer layer deflects the sun’s rays so boot stays colder longer.
  • Neoprene-free, antimicrobial material helps stop gel pack from soaking through outer material.
  • Hook-and-loop tabs.

Comes in compact storage bag. Pair.

Hand wash.
One size fits horses 15-18H.