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LeMieux® Shoc Air Hind Boots

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Colors/Options: Black

LeMieux® Shoc Air Hind Boots

The LeMieux® Shoc Air Hind Boot is made to withstand the rigors of cross country riding while providing airflow and pliable strength for comfortable coverage. Pair.

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Item #: X1-041473
List: $119.95
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Representing the cutting edge of cross-country leg protection, the LeMieux® Shoc Air Hind Boot combines the latest developments in material and fabric advancement. This specialized performance horse boot is designed to withstand the rigors of the cross-country course. Vented EVA mold technology gives it pliable strength and allows airflow to the outer shell.

Optimum strike protection to the tendons is provided by an innovative, impact-responsive Shoc smart layer between the tendon and the outer boot.  This Shoc layer is composed of Dilettante material containing freeform molecules that remain supple and flexible when not under pressure.  At the point of impact, the molecules articulate and lock together, forming a hard, protective shock-absorbing barrier. They return to a flexible state when pressure is released. Forward-facing outer air vents and an interlining of 3D mesh optimize breathability. A soft stretch cotton lining placed against the horse’s leg provides comfort and prevent rubbing.

This elusive combination of strike protection and tendon support combined with flexibility and airflow come together in one lightweight boot.  The Shoc Air from Le Mieux is truly setting new standards in flexible cross-country protection.  Although it is lightweight, it offers an optimum weight-to-strength ratio. It also provides minimal water retention (less than 2%) as the materials resist absorbing water.

The cutaway profile behind the knee ensures freedom of motion and prevents pinching under full flexion. This boot offers a natural fit and feel without the rigidity associated with many other cross-country boots. Pair.

Machine wash.