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LeMieux® ProIce Freeze Therapy Boots

LeMieux® ProIce Freeze Therapy Boots

Item #: X1-041583
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Our Guarantee

LeMieux® ProIce Freeze Therapy Boots provide targeted ice-cold therapy for a horse’s tendons and joints. Use these boots as regular maintenance and management or as part of injury recovery and rehabilitation.

A foil inner lining effectively insulates and prolongs the cold effect, while a soft mesh lining in contact with the skin protects against freeze burn while allowing maximum transfer of cold.  These ice therapy boots use a unique Hypo-freeze Gel that remains soft. It contours to the horse’s lower limbs to provide maximum surface contact with tendons and the fetlock joint.

Sold as a pair.

Instructions for Use

Place entire boots or inserts in freezer for a minimum of four to six hours or overnight prior to application. Use in short 20-30 minute sessions, multiple times daily in severe cases. Press securely to mold gel. Ensure straps are firmly closed, but not overtight.

Note: always use cold therapy in conjunction with veterinary advice. In more severe cases or if symptoms persist consult your vet immediately.

Maintenance and Management

Regular use of ProIce Boots for short periods (20-30 minutes) after intense exercise can help prevent small injuries from developing and ensure ligaments, tendons and joints remain tight and free of edema.

The sooner the temperature of tendons can be reduced after work, the better. This can apply to high-intensity dressage as well as galloping, jumping and cross country.

Use of ProIce Boots can help prevent the onset of localized swelling, heat and pain. The purpose of cold therapy is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage. Cold treatment greatly reduces the amount of tissue lost to secondary injury.

For More Severe Tendon Injuries

With more severe SDFT (Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon) injuries and where hyperextension of the fetlock has occurred, ice therapy is required to cause vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels), reduce proteolytic enzymatic activity, decrease influx of inflammatory mediators and toxins and provide pain relief.

ProIce Boots should be applied in 20-30 minute sessions four or more times a day. The sooner they can be applied in these cases the better. The initial stages of injury are critical. The continued use of regular ice therapy as part of a controlled exercise program is essential to recovery and will help speed the process of rehabilitation.

Machine wash at cool temperature with non-enzyme washing detergent. Allow to air dry away from heat source.